In summer, recharging points for electric bikes are available at the Tourist Office and at the Col de la Croix de Fer.


Saint-Sorlin-d'Arves is a partner of Maurienne, the largest cycling area in the world :

 During your hikes, think about the environment.

Here are the right actions to adopt to improve our relationship with the environment in mountain areas, summer and winter:

  • I stay on the marked paths, so as not to damage the flora, and not to disturb the animals
  • I do not pick flowers or plants, because they may be protected
  • I respect the silence so as not to frighten the animals
  • I keep my distance from wild animals
  • I don't feed the animals
  • I respect the regulations related to natural spaces or forest tracks
  • I respect the access restrictions to certain places
  • I do not throw any waste into nature
  • I close the stockyards after my visit
  • I pay attention to my 4-legged companion

Find the right things to do if you meet our protective dog friends called patous