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Randonneurs face aux lac Guichard

With its many lakes and its many landscapes Saint Sorlin d'Arves has a magnificent environment and many hiking trails.

Examples of walks and hikes around Saint Sorlin d'Arves :

  • La vallée des Prés Plans - Duration 1h30-2h
  • The south balconies of St Sorlin (l'Arcossais) - Duration 1h30
  • The Nant Bramant waterfall - Duration 30min or 2 hours
  • The tour of the small altitude lakes (Guichard, Potron and Laitelet) - Duration 1 hour
  • The three lakes (White, Barman and Tournant) - Duration 5h30
  • Glacier of St Sorlin - Duration 6h30

Documents at your disposal :

  • Map IGN 3335ET and 3435ET: on sale at Lolita boutique.
  • Topo guide "Balades et petites randonnées - Saint Sorlin et St Jean d'Arves" : 5€ on sale at the Tourist Office or by mail order (download your order form online)
  • Cartoguide "Walks and hikes - Arvan and Villards valley" : 7€ on sale at the Tourist Office

Pack 2 books : 10€

Our mountain guides are at your disposal to guide you on theme outings.

 During your hikes, think about the environment.

I stay on marked trails
I don't pick flowers or plants
I respect the silence so as not to scare the animals
I keep my distance with the wild animals
I don't feed animals
I respect regulations related to natural areas
I do not throw any waste into the nature
I close the parks after my passage
I take care of my dog