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Sitting skiing was born in St Sorlin

The seated ski was born in St Sorlin more than 20 years ago at the initiative of Pierre TESSIER, a native of the resort. He created the first tandem-ski by screwing a chair on a pair of skis.

Pierre TESSIER, settles in 1987 in the resort of Saint Sorlin d' Arves where he works with disabled people at the chalet l' ORNON de l' ANAE, a specialized holiday centre.
He meets people from the Association des Paralysés de France who are developing a ski chair that will allow children to enjoy the pleasures of skiing.
Passionate about skiing and mechanics, Pierre TESSIER is associated with their project to develop the equipment and training to drive this new aircraft.
In 1995, after inventing a new system allowing the Tandemski® (formerly Articulated Ski Chairlift) to use chairlifts, he created his own craftsman's company to manufacture and market the chairlift.
The Tandemski® allows even severely disabled people to slide safely thanks to a passenger's chair fixed on a pair of skis, and to a handlebar and two bindings for the pilot. Shared pleasure and thrills for both!
Then, the company TESSIER designs and realizes the Dualski®, a concept with 2 skis, then its Uniski model, which can be practiced in total autonomy by people paralyzed of the lower limbs. The fun and possibilities (speed, off-piste) are similar to those of "standing" skiers. Beginners must, however, always be accompanied by a guide.
TESSIER equipment evolves regularly.

At the same time, the resort of St Sorlin offers adapted accommodation in a holiday centre or apartment and the possibility of practicing these specific activities thanks to a suitable supervision within the ESF or with the ANAE-L' ORNON.

... to allow the greatest number of people to enjoy the sensations of skiing and the pleasures of the mountain.

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