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Want to go on a family treasure hunt? Geocaching is for you.

Find the treasures hidden by and for the players.

At Saint Sorlin d'Arves - Cross of the Cross of Iron, we have created some Geocaches (treasures) to make you discover the emblematic places that characterize our territory.

How to play ?

1- Log into and choose the caches in Saint Sorlin d'Arves

2- Once on the page of the chosen cache, the site reveals to you the information essential to the smooth running of the hunt: the geolocation of the object to enter your GPS, as well as precious clues that will help you in your searches ...

3- Put on your walking shoes, the treasure hunt is launched! Let yourself be guided by the indications of your GPS.

4. That's it, you've discovered the famous hiding place! You will find a register of the previous geocachers, well wrapped around the treasure. Moment of glory for the whole family, note your passage, followed by the mention "MPLC", Thank You For The Cache! All the same, pay attention to the disappointments because a few caches do not contain any object.

5- You can leave with your find as a souvenir. Above all, do not forget to replace it with another object, whatever it is, so as not to disappoint the next geocachers. Small car, vignette, key ring, magnet, figurine ... Each cache contains a unique treasure!

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